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Let it Go Meditation CD With Bonus Downloads and Prayer Booklet

Let it Go Meditation CD With Bonus Downloads and Prayer Booklet

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Let it Go are 10 meditative affirmations in the form of prayers set to meditative music created to assist you in letting go and letting God provide you with peace, healing, and personal empowerment. 

Listen to the Letting Go Meditation Cut 5: 

Testimonials for Let it Go:

Jackie! Thank you for your Let It Go CD. I have listened to it multiple times and it is helping me rewire my mind into more positive thoughts and feelings about myself. The more I listen to it, the more it helps me de-stress and become the renewed child of God I would like to become. Thank you for helping me draw closer to God. Nikki Love - Ohio

Let It Go helped me to eliminate many of the roadblocks that prevent us from truly living in the joy of the Lord. Let it Go is an outstanding gem for anyone looking for true peace in this challenging and difficult time. It is so powerful in its presentation and technique that I keep going back to it again and again. Thank you so much Jackie! - George Kelly

1. Introduction - 7:36 Minutes
2. Awareness meditative - 7:23 Minutes
3. Acceptance - 8:16
4. Letting Go of Judgments - 8:07
5. Letting Go - 6:08
6. Letting Go of Cravings - 7:30
7. Discover Your Strengths and Talents - 5:03
8. Start Loving Life - 5:52
9. Invest in Yourself - 6:08
10. Letting Go of Clutter - 6:23
11. Embracing Unlimited Potential - 6:47 


The CD comes with a prayer booklet with the meditations. 

You'll also receive the downloadable version to listen to right away. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the downloads. Keep the CD or give it as a gift. 

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