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God Notes Book

God Notes Book

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Here's what God would say to encourage you each and every day. 

Author, Jackie Trottmann shares her story in the Introduction and the words that God put on her heart. Each day is a Word assembled into eight chapters: Nature, Body, Mind, Spirit, Guidance, Healing, Transformation, Truth. 

While God Notes may be considered a daily devotional, there are no dates on the words. The feedback has been surprising, because, unlike other devotionals with dates, if you skip a day or days, you can feel you've fallen behind, or worse, guilty for falling behind! With God Notes, that is not the case. Many people open God Notes at random to see what word God has for them. 

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This has become my "go to" devotional helper along with, of course, The Bible. "God Notes" is literally like a Word for the day inspired by God. Jackie has a gift for putting things into words that seem to be just what you need for that day. It's a "God thing." Steve C.

When I purchased "God Notes" I already had three (3) devotional books that I read every morning. "God Notes" is my fourth devotional and it has been the book that I now reach for first every day. The words touch my soul and it feels as if God is truly talking to me. Thank you, Jackie, for sharing what God said to you. This book is a winner. Rhonda

I personally have been using this book when I am feeling out of sorts or need/want to connect with God. When I read God Notes I imagine God Speaking to me. That is what makes this meditation book so powerful. Phil