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Be Still Meditation CD

Be Still Meditation CD

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Be Still uses Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God," as the guided meditation set to soothing music. It also focuses on the breath. Be still will instantly calm your mind and spirit as you learn to be still in God's presence. 

There are two options depending on what time allows for you to listen - a short version and longer version. 

Cut 1: My Transformation Story (8:11)
Cut 2: Preparation (2:35)
Cut 3: Guided Meditation Short Version (9:22)
Cut 4: Guided Meditation Longer Version (14:39)
Cut 5: Meditative Music Only (14:35)

Listen to a sample: 

With the CD you will receive the digital downloads free. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the downloads so that you can listen right away. 

Testimonials for Be Still: 

I wanted to say thank you for Be Still and Trust meditations they are both life-changing! I was a skeptic and hesitant to try Christian meditation but I was also desperately praying for help with anxiety and insomnia. Pretty quickly after listening and practicing I felt a difference. I caught myself realizing how I felt better/reacted better in situations like rush hour traffic and winding down after a stressful day.

The whole family now enjoys listening, from my seven year old that wants to hear “the pretty calming voice” to my husband (football coach) that requests for me to “play Jackie” before bed! LOL! I simply am grateful for your heart to serve others with guided prayer! Many Blessings, Jennifer Eikenhorst and family (Waco, TX)

Be Still really works. At first it was hard for me to be still and rest my thoughts, but I focused on the still waters. This helped me to relax and still my mind. It's awesome. Thank you. ~ Daniel

Would like to let you know I send your link in all of my new patient emails and it has blessed many. One patient told me she was using the deep breathing technique (from Be Still) while having an MRI and it really helped her relax. It is so refreshing to see a Christian version of meditation. Melissa Bennett, ND

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