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Be Still and Know that I am God Digital Download Meditations

Be Still and Know that I am God Meditation Digital Downloads

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The Be Still meditation uses Psalm 46:10, be still and know that I am God. Calm your racing mind and spirit as you experience God's peaceful, loving presence by being still. There is a short guided meditation for when time is short, a longer version, and soothing music to listen to alone.

There are two options depending on what time allows for you to listen - a short version and longer version. 

Cut 1: My Transformation Story (8:11)
Cut 2: Preparation (2:35)
Cut 3: Guided Meditation Short Version (9:22)
Cut 4: Guided Meditation Longer Version (14:39)
Cut 5: Meditative Music Only (14:35)

You can start with the short version and progress to the longer version. This format allows you to grow your meditation practice. The long version leads into music only which is a great segue into prayer. 

Listen to a sample: 

Here's what others have experienced: 

“I put the CD on my computer at work so if I need to do the ten minute meditation or just listen to the music I’m good to go. I’ve told a bunch of my friends, my Pastor and my therapist about you and the CD. I was having panic and anxiety attacks so bad that I couldn’t even go to work for about a week. So between the medicine my PCP has me on, my therapist and your CD I’m doing so much better. I had tried other meditation CDs, but I knew that GOD HAD TO BE in the mix. Blessings” Carol

“Would like to let you know I send your link in all of my new patient emails and it has blessed many. One patient told me she was using the deep breathing technique (from Be Still) while having an MRI and it really helped her relax. It is so refreshing to see a Christian version of meditation.”
Melissa Bennett, ND

“Be still invites me to enter an inner quiet, a place where I can breathe deep and find refreshment. For me, it is like taking daily walks in a soft rain on the beach (which is my favorite way to let go and refresh). In the midst of the busyness of life, peace finds me, renews me, and reminds me who (or Whose) I really am. Thank you!” Pastor David