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The Freedom to Eat Beyond the Book Course

The Freedom to Eat Beyond the Book Course

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Join author, Jackie Trottmann, in a five-week journey through The Freedom to Eat - 10 Secrets for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace Beyond the Book Course. This course was created to go beyond the book and explore the 10 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Peace. Here's how Jackie defines freedom: 

Can a book and course really change your life? Here are two lives that have been changed: 

"Since I finished the book and course, I have changed shape and am not hating myself when I look in the mirror. I am enjoying walks with my dogs, belly dancing, and now tap dancing! I concentrate on enjoyment and the love of dance instead of judging myself. I have never felt better! Thank you!" - Dawn

"Your study and book helped me to think back to my childhood when I first started using food for comfort. You made me realize how my relationship with food produced a life-long struggle. I'm now aware of destructive habits and have created new habits. I'm finding more enjoyment doing things I love and not being obsessed with food. You've helped me to realize that my true comfort is knowing that no matter what, I am always loved by God. Thank you!" - Sharon

The 10 Secrets are:

Letting Go of Judgments
Letting Go
Letting Go of Cravings
Discover Your Strengths and Talents
Start Loving Life
Invest In Yourself
Letting Go Of Clutter
Embracing Unlimited Potential

Included in the course are video recordings, digital recordings, and in-depth study guides for each week in PDF form. Jackie shares additional stories in the videos (to watch) when you have time, or MP3s (to listen) when you are on the go. 

This is a great done-for-you program that you can use for your church, organization or book group. 

Recordings are approximately one hour in length. Study Guides are 11-16 pages each.

Your freedom is waiting.