The Freedom to Eat Book

The Freedom to Eat Book

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Someone asked what I meant by freedom in this context. It was a great question. Here was my answer: 

If you struggle with your weight, always losing and gaining it back, and don't feel good about yourself in the process, the secrets to lasting weight loss are hidden from you. Discover a lighter body, mind, and spirit by having The Freedom to Eat. You'll also realize inner peace AND lasting weight loss.


“I have struggled with my weight all of my life and for the first time I feel as if you have pointed me in the direction of The Truth and it is setting me free. I am following a low carb high fat diet and was losing weight but was still a bit preoccupied with food. Not sure if I was eating from hunger or one of my many other reasons for eating. Then I read your inspirational book, The Freedom to Eat and listened to the meditation CDs. I have experienced a new level of freedom from all those unnecessary food thoughts. I eat so much less but feel so satisfied and am getting on with my life which is opening up again and I am one grateful woman. So much of the battle was in my mind. Thank you so much!” – Kathleen

“The reason I enjoyed your book is to put it simply – it’s the freedom to live an all-around balanced life! I think it was brilliant of you to keep the sections so short. It made it really easy to just keep reading. This is a book that once you start, you just want to finish it and start doing what it says. I am now living Secret 7. There’s no stopping me! God bless you! – Renee

“This book changed my life, so much so that I bought 10 copies for friends! I am so grateful also for the book study.” – Arlene

Read how lives were changed through The Freedom to Eat Book and Course.